Integrity Martial Arts Academy
"Strengthening Mind, Body, & Character"
Lead Instructor: Isaac Birch is a certified instructor in Inosanto Kali, Pekiti-Tirsia Kali, Jun Fan / Jeet Kune Do, Black Belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Majapahit Silat, Chang Quan, Mugei Ryu Iaido, Shinki Ryu JuJitsu, Team Leader for Pekiti Tirsia Tactical Association, USA Wrestling Coach, Hardstyle Kettlebell Trainer, MALC Institute & NRA firearms instructor.   He's also trained in Combat Submission Wrestling, Muay Thai /  Kick Boxing, Garimot & Modern Arnis, Western Boxing, Dekiti Tirsia Kali, Shito Ryu, Systema, Krav Maga, Piper Knife Fighting and Yoga.  He holds a Master of Arts in Administration and Indiana teaching licenses in Elementary, Physical Education, Special Education, Computer Technology, & History.   Isaac continues to study and refine his skills.
Senior Instructor: Dr. Robert Asa has trained in the martial arts for 50 years and taught for over 30 years.   He holds master’s licences in Shinki Ryu Jujitsu, American Shaolin Chang Quan,Chin Na, and the Pu Mo Shi system of 
American Shaolin Chang Quan. 
He has trained in Japanese, Chinese, and Okinawan arts, holding a 7th degree black belt in Shinki Ryu, 4th degree black belt in American Shaolin Chang Quan kung fu,5th degree black belt in Hiden Mugei Ryu Iaido, 3rd degree black belt in Motobu-Ha Shito Ryu karate, 1st Black in Kobujitsu, 1st Black in Daito-Ryu Aikijitsu, and 1st Black in the martial art of Ryukyu Kempo.  Mr. Asa is currently a full time professor at Oakland City University, where he has taught religious studies since 1984.   Dr. Asa teaches Shinki Ryu (Japanese Ju-Jitsu) at I.M.A.  
Isaac Birch (left)   Dr. Robert Asa (right)

Teaching together at I.M.A. Academy
                      - founded in 2002-
Together they have a total of over 75 years
of experience in the martial arts!
Red Dawn Armory 2178 Old Hwy 41, Princeton, IN 47670
Phone:  812-499-7490   Email:

Instructor Andrew Scamman:  Filipino Martial Arts and Jeet Kune Do Instructor with Guro Dan Inosanto

Assistant Instructor:  Caleb Werner - Junior Black Belt in the IMA Kids CORE Curriculum

Jr. Assistant Instructors:  Ari Skipo, Greenlee Powers, and Izaac Krutzinger

Teaching Assistants:  Jimmy Glick and Adam Robinson

Administrative Assistant:  Adina Birch

Instructor: Bryan Skipo:
Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Purple Belt, 4th Degree Black in Chung Do Kwan, 1st Degree Black Belt Isshinryu Karate & FMA/Kali ...trained in Muay Thai, Small Circle Jiu Jitsu, Budoshin Jiu Jitsu, Combat Aikido, Sambo, Krav Maga, ILEA Defensive Tactics Instructor (PPCT system).
Instructor: Sabrina Skipo

 4th Degree Black Belt in Issinryu and 3rd Degree Black Belt in Chung Do Kwan, & 1st Degree Black in FMA/Kali...trained in Tai Chi & ILEA Defensive Tactics, & Kali (Filipino Martial Arts)